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Cadet provides expertise on how the U.S. can revolutionize financial market infrastructure with an inclusive Digital Cash infrastructure for all

In February, Ghana’s central bank partnered with EMTECH, a digital transformation consortium, to launch a sandbox focused on areas like blockchain, CBDCs

Bank of Ghana is in the advanced stages of introducing a digital currency, the Governor of the central bank

“EMTECH is proud to partner with the Bank of Ghana on its digital transformation journey,” said EMTECH founder and CEO

The financial market infrastructure in emerging markets is not always able to support all citizens. Worldwide, there are 1.7 billion

EMTECH is rolling out its new Modern Central Bank Sandbox, which will help to streamline regulatory reviews and test central

The Role Of #Central #Bank Digital #Currency (CBDC) In #Digital Economy : EMTECH Founder and CEO Carmelle Cadet explains in

Carmelle is the Founder and CEO of EMTECH. Her topic was Central Bank Digital Currencies for a Regional Payment System.

Topic- CBDC and CSN liquidity considerations Carmelle is a passionate advocate of digital currency-based platforms, blockchain and capacity building for