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Carmelle Cadet, Founder & CEO of EMTECH, presents at 500 Global’s Digital Demo Day, explaining how EMTECH is delivering cutting

EMTECH Founder & CEO, Carmelle Cadet, is highlighted for NYC Fintech Women’s #FintechFemaleFridays series. Read on to learn more about

Carmelle Cadet explains how EMTECH’s Sandbox simultaneously supports the Regulator in development of innovative regulatory policies while helping FinTechs getting

The Role Of #Central #Bank Digital #Currency (CBDC) In #Digital Economy : EMTECH Founder and CEO Carmelle Cadet explains in

Carmelle is the Founder and CEO of EMTECH. Her topic was Central Bank Digital Currencies for a Regional Payment System.

Topic- CBDC and CSN liquidity considerations Carmelle is a passionate advocate of digital currency-based platforms, blockchain and capacity building for