EMTECH-CBDC simulator

EMTECH-CBDC simulator Vinil April 17, 2023


Discover what CBDC means for your fintech product


  • Head start on developing new business models with CBDC
  • Turnkey CBDC Simulator ready to be embedded in fintech solutions
  • Testing with a Web-3 enabled CBDC


Components & Features

CBDC Simulator

Open APIs + Dashboards

Design Workshops

We have plans early and established fintechs

Startup Innovation
Enterprise Innovation
Partner Innovation
Access CBDC Simulator
View transaction dashboard
Create and manage CBDC wallets
Manage CBDC transaction
View API documentation
Perform transactions on Hedera ledger
Number of API calls per month
Contact sales
CBDC Innovation design workshops
Up to 5 hours
Up to 5 hours
Up to 5 hours
Number of Institutional wallets
Up to 3
Contact sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

A practical, impact and outcome-driven framework for central banks to consider in deploying a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  

The decision to deploy or not deploy a CBDC will leave behind a trail of choices made today to the future generations.

No, BYDC is a generic token issued for the purpose of innovation activities. It serves as a CBDC Simulator that is used in various activities.
The token is not traded nor promises benefits to users of our platform other than executing sample transactions to understand technical feasibilities.

EMTECH’s team is ready to support you with the G.R.E.E.N. CBDC Toolkit (Framework Adoption + Sandbox Pilot + Ecosystem Engagement) Framework and piloting the pre-built core CBDC platform and APIs Toolkit ready for testing.