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EMTECH – CBDC Hackathon Kit EMTECH August 31, 2023

Unlock the Power
of Digital Cash with Fintech Innovation

Design Your CBDC Hackathon with Us!

Reimagine Central Bank Money

CBDC is becoming a reality for central banks around the world. Although the incentives may vary, but across the board central banks agree there’s an opportunity to reimagine paper cash in a digital economy and as alternative forms for digital currencies are attractive to consumers and businesses alike. The era of Digital Cash is here, and we’ve made it fintech-friendly and web3-ready.


  • G.R.E.E.N. CBDC Framework
  • CBDC Hackathon Playbook
  • Dedicated CBDC Token Simulator
  • Embedded Trusted Distributed Ledger Technology (Hedera Hashgraph)
  • End-to-end Token and Wallet Management Process Flows
  • Pre-Built APIs for Easy Fintech Integration
  • Integrated with Digital Regulatory Sandbox
  • Support for Retail, Wholesale, Domestic, Cross Border, P2P and Merchant Use Cases
  • Hackathon Summary Paper


CBDC Hackathon Kit

  • Low risk approach to innovation
  • Low cost testing before deployment
  • Easy to deploy CBDC Platform
  • Configurable Token and Wallet Management Functions
  • Testing with a Web-3 enabled CBDC
  • Collaborative Ecosystem Engagement

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