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Frequently Asked Questions

The EMTECH CBDC Innovation Kit is our latest product offering that provides fintechs access to a simulated CBDC named “Beyond Cash” (BYDC) with a set features and pre-built APIs that can be used to discover new business models with Central Bank Digital Currency.

If you think of CBDC as a modern, digital and tokenized version of the paper cash, Fintechs stand to gain a lot in building new CBDC-related use cases. To help explore those use cases, the CBDC Innovation Kit brings many benefits including:

  • Discover and build for new business models using a digital version of cash
  • Design solutions with faster and cheaper payment infrastructure compared to traditional methods
  • Increase customer acquisition as CBDC can be  used by unbanked adults through fintech apps. 
  • Explore new product innovation that meets users’ evolving payment needs to boost top-line growth
  • Build for a 24×7 digital cash infrastructure to address customers’ needs

Our CBDC Innovation Kit is designed for startup innovators and established financial service providers such as fintechs and banks. If you  want to get ahead of the CBDC innovation journey or explore the possibilities with a digital version of cash, this is for you! 

To get started, visit and navigate to the Digital Cash section of the platform. Subscribe to a CBDC plan and gain access to the APIs and documentation necessary to start exploring CBDC use cases and integrating CBDC functionalities into your solutions.  If you need help, we’re here for you! Send us a note here or a book a call here.

As we continue our work with Central Banks on their journey to launching a CBDC, the CBDC Innovation Kit is designed to help fintechs and banks start understanding, exploring and testing what CBDC can mean for their business.  Our CBDC Simulator “BYDC” is not a live CBDC and is not issued by any central bank. It is created for test purposes only.

 All central banks so far expect CBDC to be a complement to the paper cash and bank deposits, this means as a new rail for payments, there’s a lot of opportunity for startups and fintechs that want to build with a digital version of cash for faster and cheaper payments. 

Our sales and technical support team are available to assist on a case by case basis; please reach out to us on and we will be happy to assist you.

No. BYDC is our version of a simulated Central Bank Digital Currency created only for innovation testing and use case exploration.

No. Whether you are a startup or a licensed institution, you can leverage the CBDC Innovation Kit for your Research & Development, testing new products, and preparing for future CBDC launches.

Yes, we have startup, enterprise and partner packages that give you access to a suite of  features, APIs, and to our CBDC Innovation Workshops. Details regarding pricing and associated costs can be found in this section or by contacting our sales team directly. Pricing may vary based on the selected package and the specific needs of your business.  

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