Unlock the possibilities with Digital Cash
Central Bank Digital Cash Vinil October 27, 2020

Central Bank Digital Cash

For Domestic Inclusion & Cross-Border Integration

Financial Inclusion and Resilience by Design

Faster Integration for Cheaper and Effortless Cross-Border Payments
A Digital Cash Infrastructure For All

The Benefits

For Central Banks

For CBDC Users

The Objectives

Inclusion & Resilience

Central banks offer a digital version of cash to ensure inclusion for all citizens.

The CBD-Cash Solution offers a private trusted network, wallets, and integration tools in mobile apps, local agents and card networks.

Cash Tokenized

Central banks maintain financial stability with a modern version of cash in the digital currency era.

The CBD-Cash Solution offers an open banking architecture that interoperates with traditional and emerging distribution channels (digital asset exchange)

Embedded Governance

Central banks ensures trust and privacy as offered in paper cash.

The CBD-Cash Solution embeds transparent anti money laundering and token authentication capabilities

CBDC in Cross Border

Lower the complexity of fragmented payment schemes in cross border payments with real time CBDC settlements

Last Mile Distribution

Integrate bank accounts and CBD-Cash wallets to facilitate peer-to-peer remittances with robust KYC and AML verifications

Integration & Competition

Supports trusted integration of regional payment and regional currency schemes for trade and remittances.

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Our integrated Portfolio

Digital Regulatory Sandbox

Enables multi-party collaborative workflows for faster regulatory reviews and fintech innovation