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Digital Regulatory Sandbox Vinil October 20, 2020

Digital Regulatory Sandbox

Enables multi-party collaborative workflows for faster regulatory reviews and fintech innovation

The Benefits

For Central Banks

For Innovators

The Objectives

Inclusive Innovation

Central banks can collaborate with established market players, innovators and other regulators (local or regional).

Our platform lowers the barriers to connect regulators and innovators and helps drive robust innovation in their jurisdiction.

Efficient Reviews

Central banks can simplify regulatory requirements for innovators and industry stakeholders.

Our platform automates the reviews with embedded supervision and risk assessment tools.

Faster Time To Market

Central Banks can deploy our integrated innovation marketplace, developer tools and regulatory workflows all on one platform.

Our platform serves as a trusted marketplace for regulators and innovators to test new ideas and go to market faster.

Looks Interesting?

Our Integrated Portfolio


Enables Financial Inclusion By Design and Builds Resilience In The Digital Currency Era.
It can be tested in the sandbox with APIs that allow a fintech or mobile money app to interface with this CBDC.