FAQ Vinil November 3, 2020


Q1. How EMTECH does benefit the central banks?
A1.Standardize and digitalize regulatory reviews, align national priorities (KYC, AML, COVID, etc.), multi-stakeholder collaboration, regional/cross border harmonization, data driven policy making, simplify and integrate regulatory reviews, enabling trusted privacy governance mechanism, enabling embedded AML compliance with monitoring, compliant cross border integration with banks and service providers, integrate CBDC for low cost payments, increase liquidity of digital currencies and high security standards implementation.
Q2. How EMTECH does benefits innovators?
A2.Simplified and integrated regulatory reviews, ease of onboarding, real-time dashboard, API marketplace and developer libraries, fast time to market and robust risk posture prior to launch
Q3. How EMTECH does benefits the under banked/unbanked?
A3.Access to a non-bank digital account, digital cash ease of use and access to a non-bank payment tools
Q4. Why should central banks or innovators choose EMTECH?
A4.Simplified regulatory reviews, accelerate time to market and enabled inclusive innovation.
Q5. What solutions and services do EMTECH offer?
A5.Digital Regulatory Sandbox, Central Bank Digital Cash, and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Integrator are EMTECH solutions while Frameworks, Integration, and Software Management are our services
Q6. What is the Digital Regulatory Sandbox Solution?
A6.A regulatory and innovation platform that enables central banks to collaborate with innovators, accelerate regulatory reviews and safely test emerging technologies to solve challenges faster
Q7. Why is a Digital Regulatory Sandbox Solution important?
A7.Inclusive innovation, simplified regulatory reviews and accelerated time to market
Q8. What makes the Digital Regulatory Sandbox Solution different?
A8.Enables accelerated regulatory reviews for central banks through collaboration with innovators and “safety test” of emerging technologies used in solving regulatory and innovation challenges
Q9. Who will use the Digital Regulatory Sandbox Solution?
A9.Central banks and innovators
Q10. What is the Central Bank Digital Cash Solution?
A10.Offers a suite of tools for central banks to manage digital cash lifecycle and provide access tools for individuals and institutions
Q11. Why is a Central Bank Digital Cash Solution important?
A11.Financial inclusion and resilience, currency securely tokenized and embedded transparent governance
Q12. What makes the Central Bank Digital Cash Solution different?
A12.It enables easier access to financial services for under banked individuals and facilitates an efficient infrastructure for financial settlement services offered by central banks.
Q13. Who will use the Central Bank Digital Cash Solution?
A13.Central banks and the unbanked/under banked individuals
Q14. What is the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Integrator Solution?
A14.Enables the integration of CBDC and other currencies for the purpose of executing cross border payments faster and cheaper
Q15. Why is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Integrator Solution important?
A15CBDC integration, last mile distribution and CBDC interoperability
Q16. What makes the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Integrator Solution different?
A16.Enables cheap, fast and transparent cross-border payments and also eliminates the need for a chain of banks for a cross-border payment to happen.
Q17. Who will use the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Integrator Solution?
A17.Central banks
Q18. What are EMTECH Frameworks services?
A18.EMTECH’s team brings central bank governance, policy and emerging tech expertise. We deliver Design Thinking and Educational Workshops.
Q19. What are EMTECH Integration services?
A19.EMTECH is protocol agnostic (in the world of Blockchain) and work with various tech and services providers to build the best solutions for our clients.
Q20. What are EMTECH Software Management services?
A20.EMTECH implements a standardized regulatory review process that also accelerates how fast solutions get to market.
Q21. Why was EMTECH created?
A21.The financial market infrastructure in developing countries is cash heavy, inefficient and exclusive to many. EMTECH as a technology and services company is helping central banks in emerging markets build modern financial systems with Blockchain, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Technical Innovations by EMTECH offers a leapfrogging opportunity
Q22. Who is behind EMTECH?
A22.Please refer to our privacy policy page
Q23. What is EMTECH policy regarding privacy?
A23.EMTECH was founded by Carmelle Cadet, a thoughtful and passionate leader who advocates for the use of digital currency and distributed ledger technologies for payment modernization and financial inclusion initiatives around the world. Carmelle led the global business strategy and business development efforts for the Blockchain and Digital Asset segment of IBM Blockchain Financial Services. Carmelle is supported by EMTECH team and advisors who are experts in small, developing and emerging markets.
Q24. What if I still have questions after reading the FAQs?
A24.Please email info@emtech.com or visit our contact us page