Unlock the possibilities with Digital Cash
For Regulation Vinil January 8, 2022

Central Banks

Modernizing your central bank infrastructure

Modernize Your Regulatory Environment

360 suptech platform that digitizes the application review process, regulatory sandboxes, licensing, compliance and supervision

De-Risking Fintech

Informing supervision with real-time consumer protection, cyber risk and AML/KYC data

Enabling Regulation

Providing evidence-based input for regulatory changes and innovative regulatory frameworks

Driving Financial Inclusion

Accelerating safe and innovative fintech solutions that service the unbanked

Enhancing Communication

Streamlining operational capabilities and enhancing supervisory decision making

Feature Highlights

Digitize Cash

Build modern digital payment infrastructure designed for universal financial inclusion and financial market resilience.

Payment Modernization

Enable central banks to leverage innovative technology to drive inclusion and economic development

Domestic & Cross-border

Regional digital integration for cheaper and real-time cross-border trade and remittance settlements

Energy Efficient Platform

Powered by energy-efficient blockchain for an ESG aligned central bank

Enterprise-Grade Performance

Embeded with secure, trusted and high performing ledger for real-time settlement


Featured Highlights

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