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For Modern Central Banking

Safely Deploy Software Services Designed for Financial Inclusion, Innovation and Resilience In The Digital Currency Era
The Modern Central Bank Sandbox™ Platform

EMTECH builds easy to deploy, highly secure, cloud-based software for central banks to become more innovative, provide financial inclusion and build infrastructure resilience in the era of open banking and digital currency

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Our key Drivers

Why Central Banks?

We believe central banks need to innovate in order to deliver on the mandate of maintaining financial stability and efficient payment infrastructure for all. Our approach maps policy frameworks to technologies that can execute as intended.

Why Emerging, Developing & Transitional Markets?

There is a clear need and demand for modern payment infrastructure across the Africa and Caribbean regions. The financial market infrastructure in emerging, developing and transitional markets is cash heavy, inefficient and exclusive to many.

Our Products

Central Bank Digital Regulatory Sandbox

Built for collaborative execution of innovation and regulatory frameworks

Central Bank Digital Cash (CBD-Cash)

A modern cash infrastructure built for inclusion by design, with an open banking architecture

Our Current Engagements & Models

Bank of Ghana

 Scope: Modern Central Bank Sandbox Platform™ –

Regulatory and Innovation Sandbox to shape Fintech ecosystem and Financial Inclusion

Relevant Features:

Central Bank of Bahamas

Scope: Cross border payments with CBDC, digital currencies and traditional payment channels

Relevant Features:

U.S Federal Reserve

Scope: Digital Cash Infrastructure (Project New Dawn)

Relevant Features:

OMNI Financial, Bahamas

Scope: Payment and Treasury management for Cross border payments with CBDC, digital currencies and traditional payment channels.

Relevant Features:

Our Partners