EMTECH Vinil January 3, 2022


We leverage technology to drive inclusive access to a modern and sound financial ecosystem across the globe.

Technology As A Tool

Leading with API-first and blockchain platforms to drive dynamic regulatory frameworks and CBDC infrastructure

Inclusion As An Opportunity

Enabling financial inclusion by assisting emerging ecosystem participants and opening markets to economic development

Digital Collaboration As A Framework

Reducing friction and complexity between central banks, regulators and financial service providers

Data As A Trust Factor

Using an API-First approach unlocks value for regulatory innovation, compliance and payment solutions

for Central Banks

Leveraging technology to digitalize
your environment

EMTECH for Financial Service Providers

Simplifying your integration with central
banking infrastructures

Modern, Inclusive and
Resilient Central Banking

EMTECH’s API-first approach powers a modern interface between central banks, regulators and financial service providers through their sandbox, compliance reporting and CBDC infrastructure.

Partnered with Industry Leaders

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