Evolving Central Banking For The FinTech Era

By partnering with EMTECH, Central Banks can leverage our expertise and cutting-edge technology to modernise their processes and infrastructure to achieve their goals

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Technology driven financial services bring risk and is changing the nature of financial stability which makes the mandate of Central Banks more challenging to accomplish. Central Banks need new partners and tools to help them evolve their processes and infrastructure.

From Web2 to Web3, there is a major shift into technical components of financial services; from siloed systems to distributed ledger, from closed systems to public or open banking. The sharing of data can be leveraged as a way to get better visibility and manage risk in the FinTech era.

At EMTECH, we understand the importance of modernising, testing and piloting Central Bank infrastructure to meet the changing needs of the financial industry that's why we have developed an API-first approach that helps Central Banks improve their data management, streamline processes, and provide better services to the public.

Beyond Sandbox BEYOND CASH

As payments continue to evolve, there is opportunity to reduce friction and inefficiencies that have contributed to country risk, AML and high cost for consumers. Modernizing the payment infrastructure can revolutionize how payment is done in the future. Providing access to people who have been excluded from participating in financial ecosystem services is the mandate of central banks

EMTECH’s digital cash infrastructure enables central banks to provide financial market stability and modern cash infrastructure. With digital cash, Central Banks can provide efficient and compliant cross-border payment, and have better visibility of cash in their jurisdiction. Central Banks can leverage digital cash to increase the reach of financial inclusion and promote effective monetary policies

beyond dashboard
beyond dashboard

By expanding the capabilities of sandbox licensing, data reporting and compliance risk monitoring that we offer today, no longer will licensing and supervision professional at a central bank have to spend hours wondering if a fintech is meeting compliance and which one present risk to financial stability.

With EMTECH's Beyond Supervision Module, central bank teams can access all they need in one place to manage license applications, multi department review and decisioning of licensing process. In addition, the solution embeds central bank's supervision management tasks and docs to receive all regulatory reporting.

Bank of Ghana Transforms Its Regulatory Experiences Digitally With EMTECH


In 2019 Bank of Ghana established the Fintech and Innovation Office to lead its journey to establishing a Regulatory Sandbox and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in Ghana. The Bank identified key priorities from digitizing paper-based processes to accelerating time to market for safe innovation to embracing fintech to promote deeper financial inclusion and stability in Ghana


Bank of Ghana wanted a partner that understood its role as regulator and thought leader in central banking in Africa to help capitalize on use of modern technology in a modern way to achieve its goals. EMTECH's innovative view of modern central banking with a cloud-based and API-First Data reporting design provided an unprecedented and unique solution to deliver success.EMTECH's team brought a distinct combination of central bank, enterprise technology, and fintech expertise as its chosen partner on this journey

"The EMTECH platform’s user experience and user interface are of superior standard and we’re happy to have chosen it as a strategic tool to drive FinTech and Innovation in Ghana."

- Head of Fintech Office

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