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Let EMTECH provide you with solutions to navigate regulatory complexity. We help you engage central banks and other financial regulators seamlessly to accelerate go-to-market. We also provide access to simulated digital currency to test out new business models for delivering innovative financial services to your customers

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For FinTech innovators with an agile DNA, the current regulatory environment appears to be slow to change, manual and complex constraining go-to-market and scaling of FinTech innovation. FinTechs experience regulatory obstacles from multiple regulators across different jurisdictions

EMTECH’s platform enables innovative financial service providers to access relevant resources required to test their innovative products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms while ensuring adequate visibility and compliance with rules set by regulators and policymakers.

Beyond Sandbox BEYOND CASH

Regulatory requirements, technical integration and dealing with intermediaries providing siloed and disconnected services make it challenging for FSP to access central bank accounts. Onboarding FinTechs is relatively new for central banks, and access to Central Banking systems is usually provided to a limited number of large banks. FSPs also experience difficulty in complying to AML requirements across different jurisdiction’s regulatory requirements. Cash based economies make it expensive to service more people. Paper cash is expensive to manage and inefficient as a form of payment. Traditional payment infrastructure is complicated and expensive.

EMTECH's digital cash platform makes it easier and more efficient to access digital cash. Our API-led model enables faster and easier integration for cash to be embedded into financial services, lowers the cost of managing cash and enables FinTechs to test out new business models. With DLT based approach, our platform provides a common ledger for faster and more accurate movement of cash

Client - FSP
Client - FSP

Beyond Compliance product provides users with regulatory checklists and workflows to enable and guide them through compliance processes.  By simply selecting their regulator or jurisdiction and providing a few details, users can  standardize and automate compliance activities. EMTECH designed the compliance product to increase business efficiency,  business sustainability  while reducing fragmentation and manual processes.

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