Beyond Cash

EMTECH’s Beyond Cash enables central banks to modernise their Central Banking infrastructure by offering:

  • A single dashboard for transaction monitoring
  • Wallet management and information
  • Currency management
Beyond Cash Central Bank

Used by these Central Banks customers:

1 Digital Wallet Management

Manage e-wallet creation, provisioning for various use cases and ecosystem stakeholders

Payment APIs
Remittance APIs
Microlending APIs
Crowdfunding APIs
Virtual Assets APIs
beyond cash dashboard
Centralised Token Management: Issue, Distribute and Redeem tokens.

Manage the token life cycle from one single source to efficiently monitor token activity.

Market Activity
Risk Assessment
Operational Activity

These insights help the regulator to gain a 360 degree view of market performance with tailored metrics and dashboards, understand the risks and foster safe fintech innovation to drive financial inclusion and safeguard consumer and ecosystem integrity.

Overall it then helps the central banks to modernize the regulatory environment and frameworks to streamline supervision and enhance decision-making.

Treasury Management: Move and secure digital cash flow.

Manage liquidity, settlement and reserve operations for digital cash service providers. Support wholesale and retail transactions on one ledger.

beyond cash dashboard
Accelerate & Manage Payments
Central banks can leverage innovative technology to drive inclusion and economic development
Accessible & Affordable Services to Facilitate Financial Inclusion
Central Banks can accelerate financial inclusion by making digital cash available offline or online with lower overhead cost, thereby promoting more effective monetary policy
Cost-effective & Fast Cross-border Payments
Regional digital integration for cheaper and real-time cross-border trade and remittance settlements
Sustainability through Low Energy Consumption
Powered by an energy-efficient blockchain to reduce costs for Central Banks.

Our Central Banking APIs

A digital platform that streamlines the application review process, regulatory testing, obtaining licenses, meeting compliance requirements, and monitoring activities.

Payment APIs
Remittance APIs
Microlending APIs
Crowdfunding APIs
Virtual Assets APIs
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