Help us build the next generation of resilient Central Banking infrastructure

Join us to building resilient central banking infrastructure that will empower millions of countries, financial services providers, banks and businesses changing the world, and we will help you unlock your true potential.


A global team built on self-drive, ownership and trust

We are building the unimaginable. We value a growth mindset over a fixed one, and encourage each other to boldly take on new approaches to solving problems for our customers. We empower you with all the context and tools you need to get things done, and we trust you'll take it from there leaving no stone unturned in the process.

Customer focused
Ensuring customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We focus our endeavours on addressing our customers' needs and empowering them to reach their long-term objectives.
Integrity, accountability, & security.
We set clear expectations, are reliable and hold ourselves accountable. Security remains paramount in all our endeavors.
Embrace speed and swift launches.
Within our team, speed is a key asset. We operate with urgency, adapt swiftly, and prioritise quick decision-making and execution.
Idea meritocracy
The best ideas win.
We encourage independent, critical thinking rooted in first principles. Our decision-making process values both the quantity and quality of presented data.
Strong team players.
We appreciate and encourage teamwork, and conscious collaboration across teams to achieve set objectives.
Value Excellence.
We encourage excellence in everything we do and across teams, putting our best foot forward always.

Perks and benefits

At EMTECH, we provide a conducive and flexible work environment for individuals to do their best work and reach their maximum potential. We work smart and play hard.

Paid Parental Leave
Take the time you need to care for your newborn, newly adopted, or newly placed child.
Health Insurance
Choose the right plan for you, including medical, dental, vision, and disability benefits.
Receive reimbursement for your eligible expenses like courses, conferences, workstation, etc.

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