Beyond Sandbox

A streamlined digital solution for Financial Service Providers (FSPs), simplifying application review, regulatory testing, license acquisition, compliance, and monitoring, tailored to meet your specific industry needs.

Beyond Sandbox Financial Service Provider

Trusted by these FSPs:

1 Regulatory Reporting APIs

Emtech’s regulatory reporting APIs provide the central bank with the ability to receive reporting data from the FSP securely in real time without human intervention. These APIs capture data from the FSPs which we then turn into metrics that the central banks use to make decisions.

Payment APIs
Remittance APIs
Microlending APIs
Crowdfunding APIs
Virtual Assets APIs
beyond dashboard
2 Digital Regulatory Sandbox

The digital regulatory platform provides a platform for a financial service provider to engage with central banks for the purpose of assessing and regulating their innovative financial services, but in a more intelligent, user friendly and dynamic manner.

The digital sandbox solves the problems of elongated time to market for FSP products without a regulatory framework and compliance reporting on such transactions.

3 Performance and Risks Dashboards

With data obtained from the regulatory reporting APIs, we generate metrics that visualize and analyze data reported to the central banks. We provide individual dashboards and aggregated dashboards with insights across:

Market Activity
Risk Assessment
Operational Activity
beyond dashboard
Digitize Regulatory Sandbox
By combining sandbox and licensing reviews, multi regulator, multi country, advanced analytics and compliance document management, innovators can stay on top of their regulatory compliance needs on a single Platform.
Tailored Regulatory API
Leverage EMTECH's Regulatory APIs pre-defined data sets to help you meet your regulators sandbox and compliance reporting needs - avoiding the one size fits all regulation syndrome by providing dedicated APIs for different service types(e.g. fiat payments, lending, crypto payments/issuance/exchange, CBDC).
Streamlined Compliance & Supervision
Enable accelerated product launch: go-to-market and scaling by enabling regulatory reviews of Fintech innovations.
Performance and Risk Dashboards
We translate these data points into a broad set of metrics and present them via dynamic dashboards, giving you the same data the regulator gets. To enable you to be proactive in mitigating inherent business risks before the regulator.

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