Beta Program

EMTECH was created to make an impact on the world’s financial markets. When developing EMTECH the idea was to make finance inclusive and resilient in emerging economies.  We got crazy passionate about doing that by building a new central banking infrastructure: Modernising Central Banking for the Fintech & Web3 era.

BETA PROGRAMSAbout our Beta Programs

Our beta programs are designed to collaborate with forward-thinking professionals to refine and perfect our innovative financial solutions. By participating in our beta programs, you’ll get exclusive access to cutting-edge technology, influence product development, and help shape the future of financial regulation and compliance.

Beyond ComplianceBeyond Compliance

Centralize your compliance management with our comprehensive suite of tools. Utilise the Requirements Manager, Task Manager, KYC/AML Data Integration, License Manager, Compliance Reporting Templates, APIs, and Compliance Gap Assessment Dashboard to simplify and enhance your compliance processes.

 Beyond SandboxBeyond Sandbox

Streamline your regulatory sandbox experience with our all-encompassing platform. Manage sandbox readiness, application processes, regulatory reporting APIs, and monitor sandbox performance with our intuitive dashboard.

Beyond CashBeyond Cash

Explore the future of digital finance with our CBDC Innovation Kit, designed to provide fintech products with robust digital cash infrastructure. Test and implement innovative solutions that drive financial inclusion and resilience.

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