Unlock the possibilities with Digital Cash
For FSP Vinil January 7, 2022

Financial Service Providers

Integrate into a new central banking infrastructure

Regulatory Review Made Easier

The Innovator’s Center provides one stop shop for accessing regulatory requirements and quickly applying for regulatory approval around the globe


Use one platform to streamline your pre-regulatory readiness, regulatory applications and licensing management

Near Real-Time Reporting

Use pre-built RegAPIs for seamless reporting of sandbox and market activity

Get to Market Quicker

Check requirements, go to market, manage reporting and stay compliant across multiple countries all under one platform

Lower Cost of Compliance

30% cost reduction with embedded compliance and seamless integration of complex regulatory processes in one place

How It Works

Embed Compliance In Your Financial Products

EMTECH’s Regulatory APIs allow the user to manage sandbox and compliance requirements real-time in a single platform

Embed Digital Cash

Utilize CBDC for digital payments, wallets and interoperability with broader financial ecosystem

Build with CBDC Infrastructure

See how your solutions could connect to a central bank’s CBDC infrastructure to use Digital Cash for payments

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